Video: When Blacks killed Whites in Church – St James Church massacre

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Here is some history they try to keep away from white people in America and Europe. They will scream over Dylann Roof, but they’ll never tell you about the day blacks came with AK47’s and threw hand-grenades among whites in a packed church in South Africa. Here’s the story and the white man who fought back with a pistol when the blacks had AK47’s!

One thought on “Video: When Blacks killed Whites in Church – St James Church massacre

  • 6th August 2017 at 7:56 pm

    Jewtube has already killed this video. I don’t know if you have heard that the ADL ( the sarcastically named ‘Anti Defamation League,’ a jewish anti-white organization in the US) is now working with Jewtube to censor stuff they don’t like.

    Thanks for this update. As long as you can view it on my site that’s fine. Yes, I heard the Adl is now running Googles stuff. They’ve already hit me with threats regarding my Google adsense adverts. I expect my website to be totally demonetized shortly. They already gave me a warning for something where their facts are completely wrong. The Jews are out to cause endless trouble for truth seeking whites. They are garbage.

    Take care,


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