VIDEO: Black Evolution: USA: Are these Blacks in a Church, or is this a CLUB… – Lessons from Africa – My Comments

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Video: Can 50 million Blacks kill 4 million Whites in 2 weeks?
I did an insane amount of Military Academic work in order to answer this question. In here, youll see something totally unique. I explain why I think several Blacks did research into this and what was their inspiration for coming to this conclusion, as well as the horrific ideas they have in store for us. I also demonstrate, what an all out race war would be like if it raged across South Africa. The answers may surprise you.

Take a look at this short video. These blacks are clearly in a church in the USA. But watch what they are doing. Does this look like pious worship or have they turned their church into a, er, disco or club?

Here is the video:

One of the things I have noticed here in Africa is that when the White man teaches the non-Whites his ways and then leaves them to themselves that they begin making modifications to the rules they have "inherited" from the White civilisation.

Now HOW THEY PROGRESS AND WHAT THEY DO ONCE THEY HAVE ADOPTED THESE VALUES AND BEHAVIOUR IS ITSELF VERY FASCINATING. I have observed the way the blacks EVOLVE once they have adopted these new values. Now their minds are controlled by thoughts and values that they did not have before. I have never sat and studied it in detail, but I have noticed many fascinating and unexpected things.

A worthwhile lesson that Whites can use, in summary, from my observations is this: LEAVE THE BLACKS AND OTHER NON-WHITES ALONE. If they adopt values, or let them have values, then STAY THE HELL OUT OF THEIR WAY. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! Really, I am SERIOUS. Do NOT INTERFERE. There are many benefits from this. Many. But among the benefits is that if left to themselves to be what they are, the path, especially for the Blacks is downwards. Do not mess with their thinking. Leave them alone. Focus on our stuff. Focus on your values, on our values and on our teamwork and culture and future. Leave the others the hell alone. The paths they will take will NOT, I repeat, NOT be what the Jews predict. NO! NEVER!

AND THE END RESULT FOR US WILL BE BENEFICIAL FOR US – WITH NO EFFORT ON OUR PART. Just leave them alone, they will, of their own accord, go backwards, without the slightest help from us.

Our energy must be on building ourselves up. We must not concern ourselves about the well being of the others, and if left to themselves, they are not worthy of our energy, and above all, our intellectual input. Leave them. Their own ideas and nature will take them down their own silly path.

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