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I discuss the impossible achievements of Hitler & the NAZIS. Why do we fight? Hitler & the Germans were already experienced soldiers whereas we are 21st century white geek boys. We’ll have to learn how to become warriors in order to save the white race. Hitler and Napoleon achieved many utterly impossible things. With our fuzzy, weakened minds we don’t appreciate the truly awesome feats our European ancestors pulled off. From 1918 to September 1933 the Jews were constantly trying to turn Germany into a communist state. Between January-September 1933, when Hitler became the Chancellor, he defeated the Jewish communists. Jews were behind terrorism and other violence that was raging even in 1932-1933 and nearly took over Germany through communist terrorism in 1933. The Jews fled Germany once Hitler had defeated their violent methods.

15 thoughts on “Video: BANNED: Adolf Hitler: The Messiah – Part 2

  • 27th February 2020 at 4:03 pm

    Beautiful piece!

    I say combine Nazism with Christian identity & you have a recipe for success. Christian identity folks dont unlike your wishy washy, liberal, kumhaya, nigjiving, houtie smiling, Khumbaya idiots just take the new testament and kreep ass.

    If you combine the two, you have the beginnings of something that can spread far & wide & make a real impact. What you call “Jews” the Christian identity folk have long known are “Edomites/Khazrians” & anyone who doesnt believe or think the modern day Jew is a Khazarian (quickly before they change their history again)

    Go look at what the Jews (Edomites) say in Israel right now, today, yesterday and will say forever (unless they catch wind we are onto them), they claim King Herod was their king, King Herod was an “EDOMITE who converted to the Jewish faith”.

    Herod, like Stalin, Lenon murdered thousands of new born children in the first holocaust of whites, aryans in the attempt to get to Christ who would expose them. If not for Christ, you would not know how the Edomite operates. Before he took on the jewish talmud, he had been practising many different religions.

    Just like they try to deny the Holocaust & mass murder of the children during Christs times, they still do so with the Holocaust of the Russians, Eastern Europeans, Europeans in Africa, In vietnam.

    You will know them by their fruits.
    They are like their father the devil, who was a liar and murderer from the beginning.
    Those who call themselves Jews but are not but are of the synagogue of Satan.

    There in their own history, they tell you “our king is Herod” and right there, they admit they are Edomites & not Jews confirming Christs words. He warned you what they were about.

    Christ did not come for peace, he came to smite Satans brood on earth. Satans brood are the edomites who walk around claiming they are Jews when they are not.

    If Christ was not born, these Jews would have chewed everyone up & over run Europe with their hoardes millenia ago. If Christ had not been born, Hitler would not have been born and without Christ there would be no Nazism.

    Every Christian deep down is a Nazi, if Christ would not forgive the Edomite & told them they were behind all the blood spilt from the beginning of time, then why would any Christian who loves their God want to have anything to do with Edomites.

    The Jews love to say Europeans are Edomies but then claim Herod was/is their king. How confused, how dilusional this lot are, in their own admission they tell you who they are. To this day in Israel they celebrate Herod. Their king is Herod, our king is Christ who exposed the synagogue of Satan.

    Christ provided everyone including Hitler the best medicine for the Edomite.

    Truth! National socialism is about truth, justice and doing what is right & just and fair for the white European nations. Its about family, birth, living by truth, not enslavement like the money changer Edomites who want you enslaved.

    Christ provided the cure, he exposed them. Hitler arose to deal with them.

    Both are gloves, once the mouth guard goes in there is no stopping this bloody fight in the West. I can see in no time at all the Edomites will be packing again which is why they are pushing laws so fast.

    National socialism on my right & the bible on my left

    The two biggest gifts God gave the Israelite white western men were Christ & Hitler.

    Simple as that.

    Christianity prospers with Nazism but vanishes with so called “liberalism”

    Christianity was stronger until the edomite was let loose in the West & he began poisoning the minds of the youth with their bullshit Nazi films

    ChristoNazism is the future for white Christians who still want Christianity but a future that is not brown sludge.

  • 26th February 2020 at 8:12 pm

    Jan at face value & from the dog shit churches (which is why I say READ, READ or listen to your own bible) that Christianity is soft.

    Christ said, ” Do not think that I have come for peace but to bring the sword” in other words, I have not come to bring peace but the sword – the sword is todays machine gun.

    If Christ was born today, it would read ” Do not think I have come to bring peace but to bring the machine gun”

    The only reason Christ told his apostles to turn their cheek, was to not get themselves killed and the message die.

    The Nazis didnt accomplish half of what white Christian European men did by conquering the world with a bible & a gun.
    The spanish, portuguese, Brits, were brutal and wiped out a lot of shit skins.

    I know the bible, so much I cannot sit in a church without being called a racist yet I can debunk 99% of pastors within 5 mins of them opening their mouths.

    I agree, the Church is the issue right now.

    And to be honest, if the Church continue like this, then it will be time to start burning them and the pastors which preach such bullshit. Most of these pastors are now fully into this multicultural mode, bisexual shit and all vile things – what happens when you have a bond/mortgage on a Church owned by a Jewish financial system, you have to preach what your master wants.

    Did you know that the Turks which conquered constantinople were being led with Jews leading this assault against Europe. It was the same with the Sephardic Jews working with the Moors to invade Europe from the South In Spain.

    It is well document & mentioned in the Rothschilds books that in Italy in the 11th century it was a well known fact that the Jews were behind the Mongel invasion into Europe.

    After the Sephardic Jews enter the Ottoman empire once the Catholic Church finds out about their treason & where their synagogues were not touched during the invasion as compared to the local inhabitants which were ransacked. The Jews now living in constantinople from Spain, soon lead the way like during the Mongel invasion, like during the Moor invasion, assist the Ottomans to invade Eastern Europe.

    Once again, in the year 2020 the Jew has been behind the invasion of the white mans lands. This time its done through the stroke of a pen and the defenders of white civilization are branded devils, racists, all words created by the Jew to psychologically destroy him.

    Every invasion in the world of a white territory has the marks of a Jew on it.

    South Africa with 30 million illegals.
    New Zealand
    Former Spain/Portugal -Moor Invasion
    Former Italy – Mongel invasion
    Constantinople – Ottoman invasion, Jew Assisting
    Ottoman expansion into Eastern Europe – Jew Assisting
    Modern multiculturalism – Jew ( Communism in disguise)
    The Norman invasion – Jews financed it
    The slave trade of Europeans by the Ottomans – Jews bankrolling it.
    Slave trade of Africans placed in European territory – Jews bankrolling behind it.
    The invasion of your mind to warp your mind – Hollywood – The Jew Behind it.

    Historical facts they now call “Anti-Semetism”

    Anti-semetism is nothing more than the truth. Anti-Semetism is like shining a torch on a Jew while he is fiddling with your purse & lock at night & when you catch him, he shouts “Anti-semetic, Anti-Semetic”

    Catching a Jew doing what A Jew does is the crime – Imagine criminals coming to power & then writing a rule that if you call him a criminal during his criminal activity reign you are then put in prison, this is what the Jew has done.

    The Synagogue of Satan, by their fruits you shall know them.

  • 26th February 2020 at 7:08 pm


    Jan Jews hate white racism which is nothing more than tribalism because if society is too white, the Jew stands out like a sore thumb. A jew when young can hide in plain sight but as they get older, their pock marks of Satan stand out more, the disfiguration of their faces warps.

    Jews are literally the children of the devil as spoken about in the bible. What the jew calls himself “a Jew” and the name we use is really an edomite piece of shit. A Jew is the literal offspring from the fallen angels and I am pretty sure (when you look into Sumerian texts) the sumerians knew about DNA

    I am willing to bet the floppy, nigger, houtie whatever you want to call it is literally made from & by the Jew to destroy whites. The entire neanderthal thing is simply a document of every species of animal / beast they made trying to eventually make a beast that walks on hind legs….They eventually after much work created it, aka the African wooly hair mammoth beast.

    They made them, the corruption of the flesh spoken about in the bible is them.

    The Jew wants every European Christian dead. I think America let them in because they had no real understanding of the Jew but I think once they begin getting kicked out of countries going forward, there will be no getting back or letting them back in.

    In future, no white countries / European countries should ever allow the Jew in, they should have immigration tests & lie detector tests. If you have a lie detector, it will simply stop working when attached to the synagogue of satan, every ounce of their DNA is a lie and corruption.

  • 16th February 2020 at 7:55 pm

    Here in Aussie I see this pro nigger, go fuck White women every day on TV, especially ad;s. I went to a large club yesterday and the amount of good looking White girls walking and holding hands with these imported niggers made me feel so angry I got up and left. Fuck Australia, I’m not going to fight for this fucking country ever again.

    • 26th February 2020 at 4:35 am

      Don’t worry Raymond … the white men must get the white women back, by any means later.

  • 6th August 2018 at 8:05 pm

    Your vision about Christianity is absolutely right. Well spoken!! Thank you.


  • 3rd August 2018 at 3:58 am

    I spent a good while in the U.S. Infantry and studying white militaries and their combat victories has always been a hobby of mine. I hope you pursue this. like you were saying.

    I could tell you have passion for what you do. You were so excited to do this video because you skipped your intro. Keep up the good work, Jan.

  • 28th July 2017 at 12:03 am

    And the thing I am concerned about most is that so many big tech company’s, in addition to the biggest banks like Goldman Sachs, are owned by jews. They have amassed a lot of wealth and thus a lot of power to control and direct technology systems. They can and are now using technology to control us, kill us, or to massively reduce the population (for ex: Bill Gates’ investment in vaccine technology that can sterilize ppl – used in Africa – maybe not all bad! and other harmful vaccine technology). There is climate engineering, See: (Great web site!) Scroll down a little to view 40 min. presentation. Then there is the continued development of AI and the possibility that the global ‘elite’ will kill off most of humanity then have their engineered robotic slave race to serve them. Google Ray Kurzweil (apparently a genius & jew?) Think of Amazon (now owner of Whole Foods Markets in the U.S.), Facebook, Google, and other giants, all jew owned. And in the U.S. we also have the rollout (right now in Cali-commie-fornia) of the 5G cellular network which we don’t really need but amps up the radiation we’re already getting to higher levels that will pervade every where thus damaging our DNA faster, more completely, and kill us off quicker. There is an article on about the California roll out. Probably only smart & savvy white ppl can expose & avert these trends!

    • 31st July 2017 at 12:51 am

      Whatever the Jews do, if the whites as a mass turn on them, they can’t stop us.

  • 27th July 2017 at 11:10 pm

    And continuing from what I said below ~ Globalism IS the new Communism where the UN is the structure for the adminis tration of the “One World Order” which they say they WILL have whether by conquest or consent. Under this system it is the UN/world government that grants us rights or takes them away as they choose. We must fight this new system as it’s coming in – Tooth and Nail! The American Policy Center is leading that fight, here is a link to an action page on their web site (4 Americans). Another BIG problem is that our education systems are/have been teaching cultural marxism where our students of all ages are being indoctrinated into world government & “Gaia” Religion where nature has more rights than we do (google Wildlands Map of where they will allow us to live in the future). has a excellent mini-docu by Jim Corbett on how the education system in U.S. was coopted in early 20th Century thru work of the Rockefeller family (crypto jews) and others. See: I recommend subscribing to this news site for important perspectives and tracking of the globalist agenda on all fronts: government, banking, education, technology, medicine, Agenda 21 etc.

  • 27th July 2017 at 10:22 pm

    Yes, white ppl have become very soft & undisciplined, especially here in the U.S. many so brainwashed. Those who understand what’s going on need to strengthen themselves mentally, physically & spiritually. But so many Christian’s can not, do not see the jew problem, they are so programmed thru their churches; they believe in supporting Israel & all that. You mention the economic system, well, since it is completely under the control of jews (Central Banks, World Bank, IMF, etc.) in fact, brought in against our will (in the U.S.) along w/the system of taxation, we are already enslaved in this way. The best hope we have is that it will fall apart, and Cryptocurrency systems that they cannot control will then be able to reign in the place of the fiat money/usury system. In the event of any kind of massive power grid failure that would not work tho & most ppl would die unless one has prepared for the worst. The thing is, in addition to the money system the jews have created to control & enslave us, there is the web of massive administrative systems – UN, Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) the Agenda for the 21st Century under propaganda title “Sustainable Development”, Smart Cities, etc. All these working together, even though there are organizations fighting it & the climate change agenda, is making progress daily under our noses because it’s all very stealth, or ppl have bought into the lies. Globalism IS Communism!

  • 24th June 2017 at 8:02 am

    This is in reference to a part in this video about whites being more physical – i.e. fighting or war.
    I was forty before I became aware of my race ( white ). I was, at the time, studying psychological manipulation and coincidentally I saw the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. With my personal studies on psychological warfare, I saw that the new Star Wars movie was the most psychologically exploitive movie I have ever scene. It may sound crazy but the whole movie, in my thoughts, was to exploit the white feminine psyche to allow, without her being conscious, the black image or black male as an inner partner image orienting around a partner. I could proof this hypothesis but do not have the time here …. but will continue that …. it was this targeting of the white women in such a disgusting and deceptive manner which my own person, as a white man, was also targeted. When I became conscious of my race through this movie, seemingly, this point of awareness was attached to a web of other awarenesses which I was not privy too. Moreover, my race(and even know saying race … seems wrong ) was repressed through the culture at large indirectly referencing evil towards it. One of the things I became more keen on under the awareness of being white, was a physical strength. In being conscious of my race there are many that are behind me ( ancestors ) and much to be responsible for, for those who came before and after. In short, the cornerstone is the truth pertaining to Adolf Hitler, WWI, and WWII … in my thoughts. A part of the white peoples consciousness has been unknowingly submitted by a mental virus ( Communism ) that exploits the soul through the non-recognition of masculine mind and its characteristics. In addition with a grandiose historical fraud. Those same persons which controlled physical slavery are the same pertaining to psychological slavery. With the truth of history, the mind will be able to see what has been intentionally veiled.

    • 25th June 2017 at 9:16 pm

      Hi Damon,
      You raise a fascinating topic about the way in which hollywood drives white women towards blacks. In AFRICA, interestingly, white women almost never go out with blacks. My one niece who married into a wealthy “liberal” family is the only member of my family where her daughter had a black boyfriend. Its actually very rare in Africa. But I’ve come across quite a lot more of it in your country, in the USA. I’m sure the Jews have put a massive pressure on white girls to go with black guys. The Jews hate racism and I think I know why. I’m convinced it is because when whites are RACIST we win against the Jews. They’ve done everything to destroy the white male in ever way conceivable. Its a bit topic and it is interesting how you were awakened. I have seen other people talk of all sorts of hidden messages inside hollywood movies. But the main thing is the elevation of the black male as an alpha male and the denigration of the white male.

      I hope to see you on my website. I’ve finally got my video platform going and I’ll be churning out my own videos.
      14/88. Regards,


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