Video & Audio: White Heroes: The French Pilot who fought the United Nations alone in Africa!


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This is a unique story I came across in the memoirs of a Rhodesian air-force officer.

This is the story of a French pilot named Max, who, incredibly, waged his own one-man war against the United Nations! He dared to bomb the United Nations airbase every night and he caused a lot of damage. His cunning, and determination and his exploits were known to the Rhodesian Air-force officers, some of whom met him.

In the early 1960s, when Britain dumped its entire empire, and when the Russians and Chinese were very active in Africa, a number of wars broke out. The secession of Katanga was a rare occasion when a black anticommunist state seceded. The evil United Nations then came in, as usual, doing what was good for (Jewish) communism. It was backed by 20 countries including the USA to crush the rebellion. The whites in southern Africa as well as Belgium, the former colonial power supported Katanga.

The Rhodesian air-force was operating northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), monitoring the conflict so that it did not spill over into Rhodesian territory.

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