Video & Audio: The Craziest Year yet: Jan’s Update of August 2020

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The last 5 months of 2020 feel like a year for me. So much has happened, and I’ve had to do so much.

This is my first update since March. I discuss in depth the events of this year, behind the scenes. I explain in detail what happened with the malware on my websites. I was freaked out when they managed to modify software on my server and later my servers were hacked and my websites brought down. My databases were destroyed and a ransom note was left for me. A very freaky occurrence was when they hijacked an experimental email server and then blasted out spam emails from 14 years ago when shut down my website!

I have forgotten to mention that people who donate more than $20 to me get a coupon with a discount at Third Reich books.

The ransom note and the hacking was definitely done by someone in Calcutta, India.

I discuss what happened with white-shop, and donations and money fears of Americans. A big weakness all whites have is legal stuff. I get constant security reports showing dozens and sometimes hundreds of attempts daily to break into my websites.

Then the Jews lodged the criminal case against me. I ask myself: What nasty surprise is coming my way next?

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