Video & Audio: Jews are the living proof that Capitalism is a TOTAL FAILURE!

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I’m the last person who would ever have attacked Western Capitalism, because I was brought up to believe this is what set us apart from Communism. In this video I look at Capitalism in a way I’ve not done before.

Jews in South Africa were talking about the wonders of Free Market Capitalism and Liberalism. I took such thoughts at face value. However, these days I look at life through other eyes.

Hitler referred to the Jews as an International Clique who live one day in this European city and the next day in another one.

I look at Jews as the Rich Nomads that they are, and ask some questions about Capitalism. If Capitalism is really the wonderful system that we all are brainwashed into believing it is, then why do the Jews engage in behaviour that no other whites engage in?

If capitalism is so successful, then why do Jews behave the way that I discuss in the video?

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