Video & Audio: Interview Frederick Blackburn 911 show: Jews & the Perfect Triangle

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This show was recorded on: 2021-08-27.

Frederick Blackburn kindly invited me on to this short. Below was the original plan for the show, however, we did veer away from it. The key issue however were the Jews and 911 and various other malicious Jewish nonsense.

Key Talking Points (plus anything else you want to bring up):

1 – 911 TRUTH – When did you start questioning the official Narrative of 911?

2 – WAR ON TERROR – Israel’s role

3 – Iraq War

4 – (((Mockingbird Media)))

5 – Greater Israel agenda and The Oden Yinon Plan

6 – Israel Mossad, Unit 8200, Unit 269, Talpiot, Mega, etc.

7 – From 9-11 to Pizzagate – Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Ehud Barak

8 – Rise of (((Social Media))) – Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc.

9 – The Third Rail – (((The Holohoax)))

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