Video & Article: DuckDuckGo Search Engine as bad as all the Others! – Devious Jews at work…

[This is a note that I got, and it seems DuckDuckGo is owned by a Jew. These Jews are playing with us and mocking us. I had always been quietly concerned about the claims that DuckDuckGo is somehow better. There is another one – Startpage that people have also been saying is good. I just don't buy any of this. We need our own stuff that WE CONTROL that we know is ok. All these commercial things – regardless of who owns them can't be trusted. All these people are just in it for the money. We need proper pieces of software and websites that belong to us and which we control. Everything else is a waste of time. Below is the info I received. Jan]

DuckDuckGo Search Engine as bad as all the Others!

Thought this article was a shocker for you guys using it! You all need to watch material like this interview about 4 years ago with GABRIEL WEINBERG to appreciate how devious these Jews really are:

Gabriel Weinberg, now aged 41, is the author and CEO of the multi-billion dollar web security organization, DuckDuckGo, founded in 2008. All the B/S about his search engine being secure, promoting free speech and liberty, not censoring alternate views to the mainstream media, with his One-dollar salary (when he is now worth in excess of US$2.3 billion) is simply a clever facade to attract people to use his search engine who are disillusioned with Google. The reality is, he is now the same as all the other Jewish-controlled organizations like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook, now heavily censoring views they don’t like and right now anyone who is sympathetic to Russia. Of course, this is not all Jews, but these criminals have an inordinate amount of power on a global basis to push their NWO agenda.

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