Video: Another possible European war close? – Another Invasion? Tensions Are Flaring Between Turkey and Greece – My Comments

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[I have been watching Erdogan of Turkey for quite some time and he is aggressive. Also, Turkey is the home to important cheap drones which have now been used in at least 2 wars where they were important. Turkey has 8x the population of Greece. And Greece – are our White Brothers and sisters. Turkey and Greece have had a number of nasty wars. It does not surprise me that Erdogan is bullying Greece. Turkey is a close friend of Israel and there is quite a lot of Jewish influence there. It seems to me that Erdogan is keen to fight the Greeks and he is creating trouble out of nothing. I think this is something we should watch. I looked at the military stats and despite Greece being a relatively small White tribe (10 million), I think they will acquit themselves well. The main concern, and main edge the Turks have are those home made drones of theirs. It seems as if all the tension is being artificially created by Turkey. I think this would be a war where a little bit of help for the Greeks would make a big difference. And I think, despite the many advantages that Turkey has, that the Greeks could hurt the Turks and defend their territory. So this is one to watch. As I've said, we're heading into chaos and the chaos is good. Lots of good stuff can come from this madness. We need Liberalism and Globalism to collapse. Erdogan is openly telling the Greeks he can invade them in a night. He's saying many nasty things. I think he is ARTIFICIALLY SPOILING FOR A WAR. We'll need to keep an eye on this. This, to me, seems much more real than the China vs Taiwan nonsense. And the MASS MEDIA does not seem to be saying much about this. Jan]

Here’s a short analysis:

And here’s another little video on the topic:

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