Video: American who was a Minister, brought up in a Christian family … who dumped the Bible


[Here is the intro to what seems to be an excellent series done by a serious, mature White man, who was seriously and deeply into Christianity and he dumped it. I have written about Whites in South Africa I've met who were deeply religious and then dumped Christianity. In fact, I've noticed that there are a number of books that were written by American preachers who themselves became Atheists. Neitzsche predicted, in the late 1800s, that it would take centuries for us to dump God. He said then, "God is Dead". And he also predicted that it would take CENTURIES for us to make that transition to a new world. But it's a slow transition and it's not an easy one when your entire life, and all your values and hopes are bound up in that book. My own prediction is that Jews, who themselves hated Christianity, being the spoiled brats that they are, will one day DO THEIR UTMOST to revive Christianity … It will be funny. The Jews are in for some surprises. Jan]

Here’s the excellent intro by this man:

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