Video: Re-Released: How America bullied Japan into WW2: Part 1

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Photos: Putin and the JEWS: The false belief that Putin will save the White Race
In 2017, in this article I pointed out how much nonsense is being written in the White Right about Putin being some kind of saviour of the White Race. I pointed out his links to Jews. Putin is a Jew-friendly Russian ruler. Since then I‘ve discovered even more data to support this.

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I discuss and analyze various evidence which points to America and Britain desperately wanting a war with Japan. We look at the treachery and the trickery of these “good Allies” as they forced and shoved the Japanese into an untenable corner. We look at all the foreknowledge and dirty tricks that the USA had before Pearl harbor.

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Video & Audio: WW3: Putin‘s next step: Setting Africa on fire: Sudan - Russia & China‘s only...
In February 2023 I made a prediction that Putin will need to start conflicts on other continents, especially Africa.

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