Video: Amazing White inventions: Hulett Unloader – Invented in the USA by a white farm boy…


You will find the amazing talent of our people everywhere and it’s amazing how many times farm boys turn out to be incredible. I recall reading once, that the first telephone invented was invented by a white American farm boy. I can’t remember the details now. Well the Hulett unloader is an amazing machine, over 120 years old, and when it was invented it allowed men to do work in 1 day that previously took weeks. It allowed a small number of men to do that which previously had taken a whole week – unloading a ship. It speeded up the process about 7 fold and cut the costs by the same amount.

This is what our race was doing 120 years ago in America … long before blacks were given freedom, etc. It is a joke to think others are our equals, and Europe is filled with amazing inventions. But this machine is pretty damned impressive when you check the video footage:

In this short video you can see this machine in action. Take note that there is a man inside the massive arm that goes into the ship. He’s sitting just above the bucket. There’s also a man in another part of it that is busy dumping the ore into rail cars. The sight is impressive:

In this video, a man explains all the various parts of the machine and the rail system:

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