Video: Alfred Schaefer’s letter to the German Police


[The German Police are looking for reasons to arrest Alfred Schaefer. I am VERY WORRIED about him. The Jewish scum in Germany, filth and garbage that they are, have already arrested his sister when she was there attending Sylvia Stolz’s trial. Sylvia herself has been given an 18 month jail sentence for a lovely speech she gave in Switzerland in 2012. Ursula Haverbeck is also off to jail for questioning the mythical Jewish holocaust. She’s 85. What’s happening in Europe is a nightmare.

This is because the rest of us whites outside Europe sided with the “stupid side” (aka Allies) in WW2 – a Jewish war intended to destroy Germany and Italy. Aimed at destroying white politics which was born in Europe. In other words to stop Whites in Europe from deciding their own fate. WW2 was about destroying the political freedoms of the whites of Europe. Its that simple.

Here is a short video where Alfred gives details of the letter he wrote to the Police. These Germans are brave. Please support them. The future for all of us is a similar fate. Its time for all white people to stick together like never before. Jan]

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