Video: Re-Release: 2016: Whites flee South Africa en masse again!

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Only white men with guns can fix SA again! Mother Nature wants to exterminate Blacks. The Whites’ Last Stand: I explain my personal dream: Why we whites must give the blacks an all-out race war. We must fight them with every ounce of energy we have in a fight to the finish!

NB: The photos of the “white woman” kissing the blacks is the communist Jewess Helen Zille whom most whites have been voting for, for years. They believe she is a white Christian!

NB: The Black man with the white wife is Maimane, a Christian pastor who is now the front man for the Jewish/Liberal/Elite political vehicle in SA, the DA (Democratic Alliance). Maimane takes the place of Zille.

I explain why bad news is good news for whites. I discuss personal stories of whites who were attacked or had reverses and struggles. I discuss the voracious appetite for money that blacks and Jews have. I discuss enormous financial crimes in SA.

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