Victoria To Become First Australian State To Ban Public Displays Of Nazi Swastika – My Comments


[The Swastika is our racial symbol. It is thousands of years old. If our racial symbol is banned then that should tell you only one thing: OUR ENEMIES ARE IN CHARGE. If a White State, in a White country, like Australia, bans the Swastika, then rest assured, this can only be because JEWS ARE IN CHARGE! Ponder that! Jews are telling us what is acceptable and unacceptable IN OUR OWN CIVILISATION! That means WE ARE NOT IN CHARGE OF OUR OWN CULTURE, OUR OWN CIVILISATION OR OUR OWN THINKING! JEWS are telling us what to think and what is right and wrong. An alien entity is telling us how to think and what is acceptable. Then ask yourself: Are any of us FREE? Jan]

( At the behest of powerful Jewish supremacist groups in Australia, Victoria has introduced nation-leading legislation in a bid to fight the state’s so-called “Nazi swastika epidemic” by criminalizing public displays of the ancient symbol:

Under the Nazi Symbol Prohibition Bill, which was introduced by the state government on Wednesday, it will be a criminal offence for a person to intentionally display the Nazi symbol in public. Doing so could lead to fines of almost $22,000, 12 months imprisonment or both once the legislation is in effect.

It means Victoria will become the first Australian jurisdiction to ban the public display of the Nazi swastika.

Anti-Defamation Commission chair Dvir Abramovich said there was a “Nazi swastika epidemic” in Victoria, describing it as a battle between “good and evil….Not a day goes up by where we’re not seeing it graffitied or online or seeing it being sent through the mail or email.

“For a Holocaust survivor to see a Nazi swastika graffitied or vandalised, it is as threatening as being faced with a gun. It tears a hole through their heart.” Dr. Abramovich called the announcement an “uplifting” and “triumphant” moment for all Victorians.

“It’s a thunderous blow to the solar plexus of the neo-Nazi movement here in Victoria who would love nothing more than to put people like myself in the gas chambers,” he said. “A democracy is not just about the rights that we have, it’s about what we are willing to tolerate.”

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes said Nazi and neo-Nazi ideology had no place in Victoria. “The Nazi symbol glorifies one of the most hateful ideologies in history – its public display does nothing but cause further pain and division,” she said.

“As a government we want to do all we can to stamp out hate and give it no room to grow – banning the Nazi symbol sends a clear message that this vile behaviour will not be tolerated in Victoria.”

Ms Symes said she would have “loved” for the legislation to include online display as well but the government faced “difficulties” implementing it…

The ban does not include Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and other faith communities that use the swastika in religious and cultural contexts.

Jewish Community Council of Victoria president Daniel Aghion said his organisation worked together with the Justice Department to have conversations with people in those communities while the legislation was being prepared.

“We think the legislation strikes a fair balance between banning a symbol of hate….and the right of those faith and cultural groups to proudly and safely practice their religions and demonstrate their symbols,” he said.

A community education campaign will be run to raise awareness of the origins of the religious and cultural swastika, its importance to the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain communities and to distinguish it from the Nazi symbol.

The government said the legislation would come into effect a year after it is passed to allow for time to implement this campaign. Exceptions are also in place for the “appropriate” use of the Nazi swastika in education, media and museums. At this stage only the Hakenkreuz (swastika) is banned, but the government said it may consider the inclusion of additional symbols at a later stage.

If the Australian government had a backbone — or a Constitution — they’d throw out this bogus unlawful law without a second thought — but the Judeo-Masonic subversion of the nation won’t allow for that.

Dvir Abramovich is on record as admitting that all his efforts to combat “antisemitism” actually results in creating even more antisemitism.

Jews like Abramovich create antisemitism through their blatant hypocrisy and double standards — who is he to decide that it’s acceptable for Buddhists to publicly display the swastika but not anyone else?

Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains have all culturally appropriated the swastika from their ancient Aryan conquerors — the original Buddha was an Aryan.

Why doesn’t a Buddhist or Hindu swastika “offend” or “traumatize” so-called Holocaust survivors? Is it because the appropriators are non-Aryans with politically-correct non-threatening spiritual “path”?

Perhaps it’s time for all the “neo-Nazis” in Victoria to become Buddhists — join a local ashram — and start displaying swastikas every chance they get.

Getting beaten at his own game, Dvir Abramovich will suddenly become less sympathetic to these problematic “Nazi-Buddhists” — the next great threat looming on the horizon for Victoria’s Holocaust survivors and other assorted Jewish bad actors.


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