VERY IMPORTANT: Trump’s enemies: A Third Party is about to be born… will the GOP be smashed?


I saw that a really important enemy of Trump, a guy called Rick Wilson, who openly talks about how they are doing their UTMOST to destroy Trump, has raised a new issue. Wilson is a seething, raging enemy of Trump and is out to destroy him by every means. I do however see in him an intelligent and dangerous enemy. But it is often good to listen to what your enemy is saying.

Wilson says that a Third Party might be formed by Trump.

This might well be what Trump has in mind. This might be what he is really up to. He did tell his supporters that from 20th January 2021, that a new journey will begin (something like that).

I have thus wondered, if lots of GOP supporters and donors won’t perhaps begin switching to this new Third Party? Such a party can be in action within 2 years when the next election for congress, etc takes place.

Since Pence and Graham showed themselves to be such worthless cowards, who betrayed Trump, I suspect that this will massively damage the GOP.

Could it be that if Trump starts and animates a Third Party that the GOP will be the biggest loser?

Of course it splits the nation’s vote and could mean that the Democrats end up with an advantage … UNLESS Trump can defeat both the Democrats and the GOP? Given that he had a landslide victory, which was stolen, I think he can beat both.

I think Trump was pretty tame … UNTIL they stole the election from under his feet. And despite them moving fast and beating him to the punch in every move, he seems determined to fight back. The FACT of the stolen election is very much on his side and can be a rallying call across America.

I think this is huge.

As for White Racialists – Trump does not represent us, but Trump is causing turmoil, and that is ALWAYS GOOD. Dive into the turmoil, dive into the chaos. Good things come from that.

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