VERY IMPORTANT: The Russian Govt blocked the world’s most secure phone chat service: Telegram!! – Mass PROTEST!

[Brother Nathaneal (the ex-Jew) in the USA is forever telling whites (incorrectly) that Putin in Russia is a Christian who will save white people. This is false. Putin is really a commie who is in with the Jews. There are more billionaires in Moscow than there are in New York. Putin’s Russia also has a holocaust denial law. Putin has also said that Russia will defend the independence of Zimbabwe which is a black communist state in Africa which is totally anti-white.

Now we see something fascinating in Russia – large numbers of what seem to be mostly white people are protesting against the banning of Telegram which is a phone chat service like whatsapp.

Reliable friends have told me for years that Telegram is the best of the chat services on phones – that it is more secure than any other. Believe it or not but whatsapp is pretty secure. However Telegram is unmatched. And where we can really see this clearly is the Russian Govt’s blocking of Telegram by the FSB (just a new name for the old KGB). They refused to hand over the encryption keys to the Russians and now the Russian Govt is blocking the app!

So Putin is just continuing with the old KGB nonsense, and these people are unhappy. I think this is a fabulous moment for Telegram. It shows you that the FSB can’t crack it!! That is something big. The Russians are known to be excellent hackers and if they can’t crack Telegram and the need to block it by law – now that’s something! I’m delighted to hear that the whites in Russia say they will fight for their freedoms. That’s awesome.

My personal view is that the whites of the Ukraine and Russia must be merged into a new, GREATER EUROPE that is dominated by our race! Jan]

Russia internet freedom: Mass rally in Moscow against Telegram ban

  • 30 April 2018

More than 7,000 people have rallied in Moscow to defend internet freedom and condemn a Russian official block on the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

Protesters’ placards decried the state telecoms watchdog, Rozkomnadzor.

On 16 April it began denying access to Telegram, but its action also hit Google, Amazon and some other net addresses used by Telegram in Russia.

The block came after Telegram had refused to hand over its encryption keys to Russia’s FSB spy service.

Russian intelligence chiefs say they need access to messages sent by terrorists and criminals.

The crackdown has hurt some businesses and one entrepreneur, Alexander Vikharev, is suing Roskomnadzor, BBC Russian reports.

Police estimated the crowd to be about 7,500, but an activist organisation called White Counter put the figure at 12,300.

“We won’t be silent!” and “Russia will be free!” protesters shouted.

The central Moscow rally was organised by the Russian Libertarian Party. A previous pro-Telegram rally took place on 22 April.

Under President Vladimir Putin the Russian state has taken control of the major TV channels and other mainstream media, so opposition voices are mainly confined to social media.

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Russia’s best-known opposition activist, Alexei Navalny, addressed the crowd. He has mobilised thousands of activists previously through social media, having made his name as an anti-corruption blogger.

“Our country is destitute, it’s a really poor country, where nobody has any prospects. The only sector that has developed in recent years by itself – without the state, or subsidies, or favours – is the internet. And those people say ‘You’re behaving badly on your internet, so we’ll gobble it up’. I won’t tolerate that,” he said.

One placard said “things have got so bad that even the introverts are here”.

The inventor of Telegram’s Messenger app, Pavel Durov, praised the protesters via VKontakte, the Russian version of Facebook.

“Thousands of young and progressive people are now protesting in defence of internet freedom in Moscow – this is unprecedented,” he wrote. “Your energy is changing the world.”



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