Very Important: The Book the Jews tried to hide from Whites: 200 Years Together! – The Jews in Russia!

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[Whites have done a magnificent job of getting these books out into several formats that we can use. This is very exciting. Really awesome! The Jews across the Western world in charge of publishing, worked together to CENSOR this book and prevent it from reaching english-speaking whites! But, hard working people have been fighting JEWISH CENSORSHIP!!! We whites must find the truth at all costs … no holds barred! The TRUTH, the real TRUTH is the only thing that has meaning for us! Am delighted to see the Occidental Observer linking to this very important download!!


Here’s the link to Occidental observer:

Here’s the download link with all its formats:

Here is another link where you can find parts of the book. But the chapters available seem to be less than the above one. If there are better copies of the book in PDF format, please leave the info in the comments section. NB: I tried to download the PDF files but could not get it to work. I only downloaded the .MP4 files. If anyone knows where I can find the PDF files, please give me the link. I’d appreciate feedback on the other formats. Here’s the link:

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