VERY IMPORTANT: SECRET: When the USA sells advanced weapons to other countries … what it does secretly…


[I have long suspected that the sales of high tech US weapons is not as stupid as one might think. Software and electronics ultimately, can only do what it is designed to do. These are the "robots" or "robotics" created by our race. When they sell really advanced weapons, all of which contain sophisticated electronics and software, then the problem is: Do they sell the original software and electronics too? Or, can they insert, for example, changes in the software code, which the buyer knows nothing about? I have wondered about this especially for aircraft, but even tanks, etc. Even more bizarre, can those "sold weapons" talk back to the Americans if need be? If you sell a fighter plane to a nation and later that nation fights you, can you compromise them through software that is hidden inside the planes that you sold them? I don't see any reason why not. Here was a fascinating set of comments on my website by one of the readers, Jimi. This is the first time that I've heard anyone comment about this topic and claim to have spoken to military people about it. This is a topic I'd like to know more about. If you ever come across any information about it, I'm VERY INTERESTED in this. I like his term "technology curtailed". Jan]

This is what he wrote:

8:23 p.m., Thursday Nov. 19

First and foremost, the US sells no weapon systems that are not technology curtailed. Absolutely none !

No foreign buyer gets 1st tier technology except the Jewish shithole. The US loves to offload 2nd generation systems knowing full well what they sell to buyers, who may shift sides in an unknown future, are not a future threat. Russia does the same selling their S-300 and S-400 missile systems to foolish international buyers like Syria and Iran while selling S-600 advanced systems to Turkey. NONE of these systems are any threat to American aircraft because they are too antiquated.

An Air Force vet told me that advanced electronics aboard all aircraft can allow ground controllers to override onboard manual control and have the ability to cause an onboard computer to self implode going into lockdown. They have had this capability for many years and he stands firmly by his supposition that the military used this very technology feature to crash the airliner in shanks ville Pennsylvania back on 9/11.

Military contacts have made abundantly clear that even with all the “Junk” military hardware that the US is coercing Taiwan to purchase, mainland China could snuff out 100% of Taiwan defenses within 24 hours tops. Taiwan would never stand a chance. Global Organized Crime Cabal is just sucking wallets !

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