VERY IMPORTANT: S.African Govt wants to STOP gun ownership for Self-Defence!


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[This statement by GOSA, Gun Owners of South Africa, is extremely important. They are the No 1 group in South Africa who fight for our gun rights. They are an off-shoot of Larry Pratt’s GOA – Gun Owners of America. Larry kicked this initiative off years ago in South Africa when I was active on AfricanCrisis. GOSA do really good work. I urge people to support them. They are the No 1 watch dog in SA standing up for gun rights.

No why on earth does the SAPS (South African Police Services) want to stop gun ownership in SA? They never focus on all the illegal guns. They ignore the murders in SA. Do you know that more BLACKS are now buying guns legally in SA than whites? Blacks are also now gun owners. They also buy guns for self-defense. Blacks AND Whites are buying GUNS FOR SELF DEFENCE! Now the SAPS wants to stop SELF DEFENCE as a reason to own guns? The ANC Govt has been trying to confiscate guns for a long time. They tried hard about ten years ago.

Perhaps now with this seizure of farms, they fear some kind of white uprising? Rest assured, the main goal of this is to get guns OUT OF THE HANDS OF WHITE MALES! That’s the real issue here. Jan]

From GS Forum:

For immediate release.

17 October 2018


Tim Flack 0606054562


Once again SAPS leadership has proven that they are not serious about the lives of citizens in South Africa. On Wednesday a draft amendment bill to the firearms control act was released. We have perused the document and are absolutely outraged at this development.

In essence what the draft amendment bill sets to achieve is the following:

Section 13 and 14 are repealed. This means that self-defense is no longer a valid reason for owning a firearm, infringing on every South Africans’ right to life. A maximum of two (2) handguns for S16 (dedicated sports shooter), and a maximum of eight (8) firearms in total. You will need a medical certificate for applications, which means a breach of the constitutional rights of citizens right to privacy, opening them up to discrimination. All green licenses, which have been found by the courts to be valid for life will have to move over to the white licensing system with the additional restrictions. The establishment of a ballistics database; knowing well ballistic testing has proven to be ineffective. Muzzleloaders are now treated like all other firearms and all semi-auto shotgun and rifles are now going to monumentally more difficult to obtain.

The major concern we have is the right to life of law-abiding citizens. Crime is escalating at an alarming rate, whereby the criminals perpetrating these crimes are becoming increasingly violent. Taking away a means to effectively defend oneself will see to an increase in violent crimes committed against all South Africans, this cannot be allowed to happen.

We urge all law-abiding legal gun owners of South Africa to write to the chairperson of the Police Portfolio Committee, Mr. Francois Beukman expressing your dissatisfaction at this preposterous and uncalled for attack on your right to life, and the ability to protect yourself against the crime infestation we all face on a daily basis. [email protected]

Now is not a time to roll over, in feeding the crocodile hoping to save your life you will only be eaten last. It is time to stand up and fight for your rights, not sit back and accept this. We urge all gun owners to join us in this fight.

PP Chairperson, Gun Owners South Africa
Paul Oxley.

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