VERY IMPORTANT: Jan Lamprecht: Murder of Jews: Joburg white supremacist faces criminal probe over anti-Semitic p ropaganda site – News24


[As I mentioned yesterday, has published a story about me. It is now online, but sadly, they have only made it available to subscribers, so you can't see the full story. A journalist did contact me asking me for my comments and I sent my written comments. I did ask the journalist to kindly send me a link once the story was published, but so far I have not received anything. I want to see if my comments were published. There are legal standards that the mass media have to adhere to in South Africa. There are 2 criminal charges that were lodged against me by a woman I've never met, who turns out to be the Vice Chair person of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies. The SAJBD is effectively the ADL (Anti Defamation League) of South Africa. They basically go after anyone of any race who has something to say that the Jews and super-rich don't like. Only one of the cases has actually been given a court date and that is the charged that I "harassed" this woman. There seems to be an intense Jewish campaign underway targeting me and it definitely twists things massively out of context. There might be other court cases and criminal charges coming too. It all relates to my websites and to articles that I have published in the public and which have been up for a long time. The Jews especially focus on a document that I published in 2019, that I think is the only copy of it on the internet in the world. Currently, world Jewry is busy with THE GREATEST CENSORSHIP CAMPAIGN IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. You will recall that in recent years, had to take down HUNDREDS of books, especially technical books which were written by scientists and historians disputing the Jewish claims of their holocaust in WW2. Thousands of whites have gone to jail in Europe, especially Germany, even for the simple dispute about the facts claimed about the holocaust by Jews. At this time a 90 year old white German woman is in jail merely for kindly asking about some facts relating to the supposed holocaust. Is it necessary to jail a 90 year old lady historian? I think not, but Jews do. Recently, Facebook, which is owned by the Jewish billionaire Zuckerberg, has banned all discussion about the Holocaust. My own Facebook account was recently terminated. Jews are using BIG TECH, which Donald Trump always calls "Fake News", but I see he now calls it "Corrupt News". The Jews are doing the same here in South Africa. The Jews, GLOBALLY, are busy with the greatest censorship campaign the world has ever seen and it is all about the suppression of free speech, free thought and the ability of people to write, research or speak about their views. I think I'm going to get the same treatment as the Canadian, Ernst Zundel (who was a publisher) or the American Matt Hale or the best-selling author and expert on WW2, David Irving. The Jews brought in the Jewish professor Lipstadt and poured $30 million into the trial and they ruined Irving. Irvings books were even destroyed by his British publisher. In Canada, Zundel even defeated the Jews in court, and in the end, they came back for him until he was thrown in jail and harrassed for the rest of his life until he died. Jews are harrassing a British singer and comedian, Alison Chabloz, and they threw the Canadians, the Schaefers in jail in Germany. WW2 ended 75 years ago, and Jewish people have been telling lies about the Germans and WW2 for 80+ years. Nobody ever gets to hear both sides of the story. Jewish people are out to suppress all free speech and debate on these matters because they know their story is coming unstuck. So now they are busy suppressing free speech all across the Western World.  They have been very active and aggressive here in South Africa going after blacks and whites and other races, and going after men and even women. They want to crush and stifle ALL FREE DEBATE IN SOUTH AFRICA AS ELSEWHERE in the West. Jan]

Here is the News24 story link, but I can’t get in there, I’m not a subscriber:

Here are screen shots of the story:

So that is all I have. However, if anyone can get me a full copy of the story I’d be most grateful. I do want to see what they are writing about me and how much of it is accurate.

Here are some stories and videos I have published which expose a few of the things the Jews have got up to, and this is by no means even complete. There is much research and work to do:-

In the 6 day war, the Israelis broke the rules of war and slaughtered 1,000 Egyptian POWs. The USA spy agencies were on to it and the Israelis then set out to kill the Americans who were monitoring it. But this is the story of how the Israelis murdered the Egyptians:

Also in that war, the Israelis killed Indians who were in the UN forces who were not posing any threat to them. Here is the horrific story of how the Israeli military decapitated Indian soldiers:

Here is a short video I did which summarises the problem between whites and Jews:

This is a summary of why the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty and blatantly killed Americans:

This is a story, but there is video footage that I’ve not put online about an Israeli sniper who killed American troops and filmed it:

Did the Jews set out to kill this US Congressman?

This is from 2017 where I interviewed someone in South Africa who confirmed that the Jews, this same Jewish organisation that is taking me to court is trying to introduce draconian hate speech laws into SA:

Finally, a video analysis, did South Africa’s President, Ramaphosa, convert to Judaism?

This is the story I published yesterday and I remain interested in stories written by the Mass Media ("Fake News") about me:

ATTENTION ALL READERS: WARNING: Any Mass Media stories about me or my websites or my court cases 28th October 2020 jlamprecht 147 Views 0 Comments EditI was contacted by "someone" today who told me "something" about my court cases.I would like to ask ALL my readers: If you EVER come across ANY MASS MEDIA stories about me, or my websites or my court cases … to PLEASE leave a link for me in the Contact Us page.As it is I am very behind on replying to people again. I have so many things coming at me, and (((they))) are very busy.But ANY MASS MEDIA STORIES ABOUT ME OR MY WEBSITES … please send me the links.I want to read them all.Thanks.

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