USA: The miracle conversion of a white non-racist to a racist in 5 minutes – My Comments

[One of my readers sent me this. This is what also happens in Africa. And this will keep on happening to Whites. Unfortunately, pain and suffering is required. Jan]

The reader wrote:

A young acquaintance who always said he was not "prejudiced" against blacks, and was definitely "not a racist" had his baptism into racial reality yesterday.

This young man was planning to be married very soon, and was riding with his future bride looking for places to hold the wedding reception. While stopped at a light, a 14 year old black stuck a gun into his future bride’s head through the passenger window, told them to get out of the car, and took the car and wallets and jewelry and everything else of value, and drove off waving at them (thanking them for not being racists).

This young white victim usually "totes" a firearm, but was in jogging shorts and gun was nowhere in sight, so he had to do what the black said or the nigger would blow his future bride’s brains out.

The vehicle had a ‘Lo-Jack" system and the car was last traced to a town about 35 miles West of New Orleans. And here is the result of the MIRACLE of his conversion.

The young couple immediately started looking for an apartment in a town North of New Orleans where the community is mostly white and crime rate is much lower, but rents are almost double what they were paying in New Orleans, and told his landlord they would be moving

out as soon as possible.


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