USA: Reader writes: Jews ONLY CARE if non-whites die from COVID-19


[One of my loyal supporters sent me this note. I agree 100% with what he says. I think that in South Africa and maybe all of Africa, the Jews are trying to protect their favourite pets and their investment in the blacks. Having observed how it is going, I think all in all, this will still work out well for whites. Whites are actually stronger and more attuned to physical reality than the Jews who live in la-la land and the blacks who live in nowhere land. Whites are, and will continue to find themselves, and we will just grow stronger in mind and body. Hardship is something we can handle. Our race is attuned to it. But not so the blacks and Jews. Jan]

My supporter wrote:

Lots of blacks in the city of New Orleans, here in xxxx-city mostly white, but many elderly too. Deaths seem to be mostly elderly but some middle aged or younger. The jews would not worry if it was mostly white dying, but they seem concerned about the non-whites only. Jews run EVERYTHING
in New Orleans and lots of jews out here also. I didn’t notice if any jews were dying.
Will update.

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