[I received this which is rather shocking. Jan]

Excuse the 4 letter words further down, but that’s the Dems way of dialoging when they don’t have a leg to stand on..

Even Fox fell for the ruses–or maybe were in on them?.


Sent: Thursday, November 5, 2020, 12:01:14 AM ESTSubject: RE: MORE VOTES THAN VOTERS, A LOT MORE!!!!!

Statement from the Trump Campaign
Let me make something crystal clear:
No one is trying to undue the just results of a fair & impartial election, regardless of its winner.
However, this is not simply about "every vote being counted."
While that makes for a great sound bite, this is about HOW those votes were securely RECEIVED.
How they were STORED.
How they were COUNTED.
Whether SIGNATURES should match or POSTMARKS should be legible.

Our legal team is fighting to ensure that ALL legal ballots – and ONLY legal ballots – are tallied.
And if we count all legal ballots, President Trump wins.
But these are not determinations to be made by the State, but rather by the Courts. Full stop.

Here is where we stand:


✔️ Facebook & Twitter have rightly removed Arizona from Biden’s electorate column on their official election map(s) and CNN never called it.

✔️ Countless heavily Republican remain in play and will break in Trump’s favor.

✔️ Maricopa County overnight was a pickup of +50,000 votes for Trump.

✔️ Biden lead is now 90k with 520k ballots remaining.

✔️ We expect to win 70% of these ballots.

✔️ We are now confident we will now win AZ by 30,000 votes.


✔️ President Trump has built an insurmountable lead of over 100,000 votes that the Democrats cannot beat. Period.


✔️ President Trump has built an insurmountable lead of over 76,000 votes that the Democrats cannot beat. Period.


✔️ President Trump has formally petitioned for a state recount, as the current results fall within the 1% legal margin of error.

✔️ Several outlying counties are leaning heavily Republican, including Kenosha, Green Bay, Pierce & Richland.


✔️ President Trump believes we will win this state outright, as several outlying GOP counties have yet to be counted & we will sue to stop any declaration of a winner until they are duly amended.


✔️ Trump is up in PA by nearly 700,000 votes with over 3/4 of the votes tallied.

✔️ 1.5 million mail-in ballots remain outstanding, along with 5 heavily Republican leaning counties.

✔️ Even if 95% of the mail-in ballots go to Biden, Trump still wins the state by over 40,000 votes.

✔️ The campaign will be making a public statement about evidence of ballot fraud shortly.


✔️ Late breaking mail gets Trump a win by a margin of over 5,500 votes.

Lastly, anyone who thinks that a 270 declaration in the next 24 hours by the mainstream media for a specific candidate to deliberately sway public opinion is going to derail our determination to protect the legal integrity of this election – or deter us from its ultimate victory – is not only naive, but hypocritical.

After all, we’re still waiting for a “peaceful transfer of power” from 2016. Today’s actions are not only within the President’s legal rights. They are his responsibility.

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