USA: Creating RACIAL HATRED against Whites: Past Racial Healing or Coexistence at This Point?

[One of my supporters sent me this note. I don't know which video this refers to. I would certainly like to get a copy of this video where a black guy films it and cheers it on. In the USA Jews and their fellow travellers are CREATING RACIAL HATRED. I think that in the end, the Western world will explode into the bloodiest racial war you've ever seen, but it will happen in the USA first – despite the massive Liberalism. I think the USA is the place where we'll see the first true bloodshed. The Black Americans don't seem to realise the danger they are in, surrounded by so many well armed Whites!  Jan]

What my supporter sent:

white guy filmed getting shot to death by police

black guy films it and cheers on the killing throughout
black people in the comments celebrate the killing and complain that the white guy wasn’t shot sooner
complain that had the white guy been black he would have been shot immediately

we’re past racial healing or coexistence at this point. compared to the unity and post-racial society we seemed to be heading towards in the 1990s we’ve essentially gone backwards half a century. white people just don’t realize it yet—the pent-up hatred that’s been actively fostered against them across academia and media. once the powers that be turn their hounds upon them, however, they, unfortunately, will learn…

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