USA: 67% of rural land loss is related to Population Growth (Immigration)


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"Population growth is a major factor in causing the loss of open space and natural habitat in the United States."

NumbersUSA continues to provide a civil forum to discuss immigration policy. Elite power structures have resisted an intellectually honest debate about immigration policy in favor of accepted narratives. That doesn’t just hurt immigration reform, it harms other major policy discussions – including environmental policy.

In his article "Population-fueled Sprawl Undermines Conservation Ambitions," NumbersUSA CEO Roy Beck discusses how even with more than 90 countries seeking to protect at least 30% of the planet from development by 2030, the current rate of urban sprawl continues devouring America’s natural habitat and farmland, giving conservationists plenty of reasons to be skeptical:

"My organization has been conducting national, state, and regional studies of American rural land loss for two decades. Our newest study, examining every county in the country outside Alaska, found that 67% of rural land loss from 2002 to 2017 was related to U.S. population growth. About 11,950 square miles were developed to satisfy the needs of the additional 37 million residents of the United States in 2017, compared to 2002.

Net foreign in-migration caused a majority of that population growth, although the exact percentages differed significantly from state to state.

The other 33% of rural land loss — about 5,850 square miles — was related to dozens of factors that increased the average developed land per resident. On average, Americans were still increasing their consumption, which meant more land developed for houses, shopping malls, streets, schools, government buildings, power plants, waste treatment facilities, and places of employment, worship, and entertainment."

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