US/Trump Escalation in Iraq – My Comments to Americans about Trump and Iran

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[I got this note in a group that contained several American website owners and writers. I sent this note to everyone about the Trump escalation in Iran. Jan]

I would HATE to see the USA get involved in Iran. I assure you, its a bad, bad, bad place to go and fight. Huge waste of money. A real nightmare.

In the days when I had Jewish friends, this was the thing they carried on about the MOST. furthermore, Israel is TOO SCARED to DARE to touch Iran.
That’s why the Jews whine about Iran, but you won’t see them lift a finger, because its a NIGHTMARE. Far, far worse than Iraq.

Total waste of money for you folks, total waste of white man’s blood, and its a horrible trap. Its many times worse than Iraq or Afghanistan.

I hope Trump is just doing gun-boat diplomacy. Let’s hope so. But steer clear of Iran.

And for those of us who are against Israel, Iran IS THE WORST ENEMY THAT ISRAEL FACES. So we should not be wanting to see the USA getting in there.

In Israeli news reports, for years, you’ll have noticed Iranian Republican guards active helping Israel’s enemies. They are among the best who fight Israel and its driving Israel nuts.

But the Jews are TOO SCARED TO TOUCH IRAN. They know they’ll come out looking really bad in no time at all. Hence Jews just talk about it but know not to lift a finger.

I don’t know what to make of Trump any more. If he can just stay the f*ck out of big wars … then that’s the best thing for you folks.

But Trump seems to me to be falling for a number of Jewish games.

But, we must all go over the cliff, over the edge, pushing white politics like crazy. Its the only game that is of importance.

Take care

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