US Election Fraud: Were there Watermarks on the US ballots?

[One of my readers made these comments. I heard this rumour about there being watermarks, which I would think is a pretty simple thing for the US Govt to do. It would be great. But is it true? And are the fraudulent votes detectable? If so, it certainly is not sounding like that from the news reports. This is something I'd like to know more about, because this could be huge – if true. But if true, then why isn't there a quick way of detecting election fraud? So as hopeful as this sounds, I am wondering how true it is. The fraudsters might be even more sophisticated. I don't care about how the (((Liberals))) react to Trump winning. If he won, he must be the President – without a doubt. You don't just bend because some dunces and marxists want to burn down cities! You stand up for the truth FFS. Jan]

These were the comments of a reader:

8:44 p.m., Sunday Nov. 8

Darrell: wrote:

If there are in fact watermarks to verify all valid ballots and it shows that Trump won, the Left doesn’t care about justice and rule of law but only obtaining power by any means, including mass killing and destruction, hence a proven and confirmed Trump victory could very well lead to much more violence and destruction than any other outcome.


8:49 p.m., Sunday Nov. 8

Darrell wrote:

We are up against not just human but also demonic forces and need supernatural help to overcome it. The famous stigmatist and miracle worker Padre Pio (d. 1968) said that "the Rosary is the spiritual weapon for the evils of our time."

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