US Army Veteran: Do home schooling for your children… keep them free of BRAIN WASHING!


[This is from a discussion I was having with a US Army Veteran. This was his advice. I agree that PARENTS MUST TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN'S MINDS. You cannot trust all these other scumbags who mess with the education systems. In South Africa it's much harder to do home schooling. But there are some ways to give your children a better education – but it's much more expensive. I do think home schooling is important. White women NEED TO WANT TO LOOK AFTER THEIR CHILDREN. Jan]

The Vet wrote:

This is the truth. My Sisters had their kids educated in Public Schools and they are without exception Brainwashed.

My oldest Two Sons Started School in Costa Rica where they were fighting Marxist Influence because of all the Commies on their Borders. They are OK.

My youngest son turned 5 here in the States. I did not send him to school. They did not know about him so I did not register him to be educated on the Plantation. I did not Homeschool him either because that material was tainted. He taught himself how to read and write. His first day in a Classroom was his first day in College. He took a GED test to get his High School Diploma. In two years he got his Associates Degree in Liberal Arts with all "A’s." Not bad for someone who never went to school. Even in those two years he told me how painful it was to listen to and regurgitate the obviously Marxist Education. Cornell University, an Ivy League, offered him a full ride for the last two years of college. Tuition, Room, Board and books. He declined because he said he could not stomach the thought of being at a school with so many Social Justice warriors and Marxist Professors. He simply did not want to be Indoctrinated. Instead he used his GI Bill to go to a Community College where he learned to be an Electrician. He has done well. Head is clear.

Sending your kids to public school is like sending them to hell.

All three of my sons served in the Army. All three were in Military Intelligence.

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