[One of my readers, someone whom I met at The Fash Bash in 2019 actually, was writing some interesting comments which I will publish below. I just want to make a brief statement: I do not take The Great Reset seriously at all. I can tell you now, that if WE LOSE EVERYTHING WE HAVE, there will be INSTANT WAR on an scale and ferocity never seen before. I cannot believe for ONE SECOND that the US Govt or any other Govt would DARE go along with that con job. The only game in town that I see is: Pumping in money, ad infinitum to keep the (((economy))) running. That's the ONLY GAME IN TOWN. I assure you, that if (((they))) try to steal everyone's properly… the streets of the cities of the world will be littered with piles and piles of dead in a matter of weeks. There will be instant warfare. NOBODY IS GOING TO ACCEPT THIS. NOBODY, in NO COUNTRY. Jan]

Below are the comments by the reader. And I just wanted to make it clear to you: Do not fear The Great Reset. If anyone tries it, there will be blood running across the West faster than you can imagine. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY is going to accept that. No Whites, in no country at any time. ZERO tolerance for this nonsense. Perhaps in 10 years time the Govts might embrace it. But it will not happen any time soon, and I actually think it CANNOT happen.

Here is what the reader wrote:

This was an interesting discussion. A lot of white nationalists don’t vote and think it is better that the enemy wins. I don’t necessarily disagree with it but I kinda think it is suicidal if you don’t have preparations and plans. I voted and I think Trump is better than Biden and see better possibilities for our people if he wins. Some people say that he will win and clean up the criminals in the deep state. And the anti russian rhetoric… I think you have to put the west in prospective because in some ways it is worse in the west nowadays. And the covid 19 discussion was good and interesting but ya’ll didn’t say anything about the great reset in which some say that most of us will lose everything and a lot of us will die… but nonetheless this was a great discussion… hail victory

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