Update on Matt Hale – some good news!


Friends and Supporters: Matt called his brother this morning!! Here is the information! (from Matt’s mother)

He seems to be in good spirits even though he is in day 14 of what he has been told is a 19 day quarantine. Once my phone is approved, he will be able to call me again. Matt will have email privileges at Marion. The removal of previous email contacts was not his doing, all will have to be approved again. He plans on being selective so a writer does not get him in trouble again.
1. When the facility is not locked down word is that Marion is a pretty decent place. He has heard there are few if any gangs.

  1. Matt will have his own cell with 16 hours a day out of his cell. If he was not in quarantine he would now have 3 hours per day out of his cell because of a current lockdown.

  2. Matt will not be in the maximum security unit, he will be in the Communications Management Unit. He has been told there are 36 inmates in this unit in total.

  3. Visits are non-contact.

Today’s Quote: "Those who condemn ‘White Supremacy’ condemn the very founding of the United States of America."

I am so relieved to know Matt is okay! However, we must remember what happened to Matt at Terre Haute! Ms. H

GO TO: https://www.freematthale.org

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