UK’s new White Female PM – Evil White Leftist Women – I preferred Boris – My Comments

I see that Liz Truss is the new Prime Minister of Jewish Britain. I don’t see any over Jewish links. She seems to be a genuine White woman. I agree with the Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik, that FEMINISM is a serious problem.

Here in SA I also watched how White Afrikaans women behaved when they were promoted to very high ranks. They totally screwed over their own race. In my last job, at a big bank, I saw White women being exclusively promoted to very high ranks and I lost every ounce of respect for those women. I would walk right past them and I wouldn’t even greet them, they disgusted me so much.

Look at that White female communist who is in charge of New Zealand. Europe seems to be filled with these White feminist women.

A woman is not as assertive as a man. Our civilization’s history has shown time and again that when White men lead, we totally smoke. White males are much more aggressive and assertive and they pull off amazing feats.

I am a sexist. I want to see WHITE MALES ruling the Western world. You’ll see how well things will run, and we will also be HANGING or chopping off the heads of traitors.

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