Ukrainian far-right clash with pro-LGBT protesters at topless ‘rave’ held in support of new anti-discriminat ion law (VIDEO)

[You can watch the videos here: Jan]

Police in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, were forced to intervene with tear gas and truncheons after right-wing political activists attacked the participants at an LGBT+ pride march outside the walls of the president’s office.
At least one officer was injured during the scuffle, which took place on Friday and saw ultranationalists doused with incapacitating spray. No information on arrests has been made public.

The rally, which took the form of a rave and saw participants strip off to dance to electronic music, had been called in support of Ukraine’s LGBT+ community as the country’s parliament considers a new law on discrimination and violent attacks against protected groups.

In May, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal brought forward a bill to the Verkhovna Rada that would outlaw discrimination based on skin color, language, sexual orientation or gender identity. The move was adopted as one of the conditions of the Association Agreement that would pave the way to membership of the European Union.

In August last year, neo-Nazi groups attacked an LGBT+ march held as part of ‘Pride Month’ in the coastal city of Odessa.
The organizers said that local police did not react quickly enough, but asked them to “prosecute the perpetrators” and take action against the right-wingers for “hatred and inciting violence.” Sixteen people were arrested and charged with petty hooliganism and disobeying police orders.


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