Two Quick Future possibilities in the Ukraine War: What if Ukraine attacks?

I do follow the Ukraine war quite a lot. However, I don’t want to post a day by day account of it. So I will only post things when I see something different or important that I think people are not noticing.

The one thing that Russia seems to be trying, is that Russia might try to bring in allies, or may try to expand the war so that they can put pressure on Ukraine on a broader front. Belarus, for example, is one possibility. But I looked at Belarus’s military, and I don’t think they’re that strong, and I think Belarus might be cautious because Ukraine is actually a bigger, stronger country.

The other thing is that Russia seems to be trying to use some scary propaganda regarding nukes, but I don’t think they are serious, and I don’t think they would dare.

However, one thing I want to warn people about, as bizarre as this may sound, is that Ukraine might just go on the offensive later this year. The Ukrainians have not had the power and sophistication in order to really beat the Russians back. But I’ve been monitoring what’s going on.

If Western aid keeps on pouring in, which there is every possibility it will do for months on end, maybe even longer. Ukraine is getting very serious weaponry.

There is a possibility that Ukraine might actually drive the Russians back. What I don’t know, is the scale on which Ukraine will be able to attack. I’ve been following, especially, the events around Kharkiv, for weeks, and I want to tell you, it looks as if the Ukrainians are actually busy defeating the Russians there. The fighting is still going on, but it looks as if the Ukrainians are developing the tactics to actually defeat the Russians and it looks as if Kharkiv is the next place where the Ukrainian army might actually defeat and drive the Russians back! Kharkiv is the 2nd biggest city in Ukraine and it’s a place where the Russians and Ukrainians have been fighting for months. The Ukrainians have also done a weird thing. They seem to have launched a heck of an attack on a central control post of the Russian army and done damage that has caused the Russians chaos. And the Ukrainians are advancing.

Down in Kherson, the Ukrainians have been fighting the Russians for weeks, and it is beginning to look as if there is a small bit of progress there.

Nobody is expecting a Ukrainian victory. But what if the Ukrainians actually begin driving the Russians out of territory that the Russians held previously?

This may appear unthinkable. But this looks to me as if this could actually happen.

If so, then Donbass and Luhansk and Crimea … might not remain in Russian hands.

You first heard this from me… keep watching…

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