Twitter Manager Reportedly Vomited Into Trash Can When Elon Musk Told Him to Fire People – My Comments

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[Some of those Twitter managers who were fired or left seem to be Jewish. I think I saw one name as "Yosh Roth" for example. This story about vomiting is from the Jewish-owned New York Times. This sounds WAY OVER THE TOP. I find it hard to believe this could actually happen. This sounds very much like a bunch of Jewish drama queen nonsense. Lots of this sounds over the top. But I hope some of it is true. It makes me laugh to see how these arrogant assholes are behaving when finally, they get nailed! It's lovely hearing that these arrogant anti-white liberal assholes were crying. EXCELLENT, they never thought they'd be kicked up their asses! Jan]

A Twitter engineering manager reportedly vomited into a trash can after being told to fire hundreds of people by one of Elon Musk’s advisers.
The revelation came in a lengthy article from the New York Times on Musk’s first weeks as the owner of Twitter.

“The fallout has often been excruciating, according to 36 current and former Twitter employees and people close to the company, as well as internal documents and workplace chat logs,” the Times report says. “Some top executives were summarily fired by email. One engineering manager, upon being told to cut hundreds of workers, vomited into a trash can. Others slept in the office as they worked grueling schedules to meet Mr. Musk’s orders.”

The article later reiterates, “one engineering manager was approached by Mr. Musk’s advisers — or ‘goons,’ as Twitter employees called them — with a list of hundreds of people he had to let go. He vomited into a trash can near his feet.”

The report explains that the day after Musk walked into Twitter HQ carrying a porcelain sink, the company held a Halloween party for employees and their families. Instead of enjoying the celebration, some of the employees cried.

“That evening, Twitter hosted a Halloween party called ‘Trick or Tweet’ for employees and their families,” the report says. “Some workers dressed in costume and tried to keep the mood festive. Others cried and hugged one another.”

Once the firing began, Musk was also not willing to keep people around just for the sake of “diversity” according to the reporters.

“Twitter executives also suggested assessing the lists for diversity and inclusion issues so the cuts would not hit people of color disproportionately and to avoid legal trouble. Mr. Musk’s team brushed aside the suggestion, two people said.”

So far, Musk has fired half of the staff at the Big Tech giant, including many top executives.

To add insult to injury, Musk is also allegedly planning to make them pay for their own lunches, like adults.

“Mr. Musk plans to begin making employees pay for lunch — which had been free — at the company cafeteria, two people said.”


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