Trump’s mention of White South African Farmers & Emigration of Whites to the USA


[I'm busy replying to old messages. Some are now more than 2 years old. Jan]

An American wrote to me:

Trump !mentioned the plight of SA farmers today. Hope we can help and if need be have them immigrate here. I believe there are a fair amount of South Africans who work in the plains states here already. Thanks JD.

I replied:
Thank you very much for writing to me.

Trump’s mention of the plight of the farmers is the greatest thing any politician has ever done for us.

However, the reality is that masses of whites won’t just move. Its not practical. Some will, but most won’t. Whites literally have to be driven off the ground. There are many practical problems that occur with people moving.

Perhaps I should actually do a video about this, because the whites in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, where I come from also did not move easily. And then there were the Portuguese.

I don’t think people outside Africa understand some of the problems relating to moving, nor do they grasp how "migration" really works.

When your turn comes, you’ll see that you’re in the same situation.

Having a diaspora of whites from SA out in the Western world is good. It is working for us. The "Mixing" of whites is an important topic. Keep your eyes open when I tackle the topics of Professor Quigley. Then you’ll see many things falling into place.

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