Trump’s incredible social media following: American (((Liberal))) scum are bold, sneaky, lying filth: Stealing an entire Election & BOLDLY LYING like never before!

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As at 2017, Trump had 87 million followers on Twitter. They say that if you remove dormant accounts, etc … that his followers are 60 million. (But the dormant percentages for him are quite normal compared to other high profile people).

In 2016, Trump had over 10 million Facebook likes, whereas in 2020, he had 28 million Facebook likes. Biden in 2020, had 3 million Facebook likes. This is more proof that there is no way Trump could have lost in any popularity contest.

In May 2020, Trump was gaining 55,000 followers per month on Twitter.

So here’s a sitting US President, who can speak DIRECTLY to 60 million people on Twitter alone.

His current twitter following is 88.9 million people:

On Instagram he has over 24 million people:

Here is a President who can send a direct message to over 100 million people. Yet the (((Liberal scum))) are boldly lying like never before. They steal an election by a number of nefarious methods, and yet, they don’t fear exposure in any way.

The (((Mass Media))) is just boldly lying and covering up the election fraud with the utmost boldness.

In chatting to friends and family in South Africa I was amazed that none of them had even heard of "election fraud" in America.

Polarization is something we need to get used to though. It’s part of life and will get much worse and will ultimately lead to wars. That’s where Jews are taking the world.

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