Trump Takes Control of the FED – Leads the way for other countries to follow – Michael Tellinger – My Comments


One of my American friends, an ex-Vietnam Vet, actually, sent me a video where Tellinger claims that Trump has taken control of the Fed.

So my American friend asked if Tellinger’s statements can be corroborated by anyone. I told my American friend that I would also like to hear an American actually giving the message. I would like to hear a solid, skeptical, American actually tell us that Trump has indeed done this, before I worry further.

Tellinger, for the record, is not a Conservative, nor even a Right Winger. I think he had a rock band or something of that ilk in the past. He actually has a political party in South Africa called the Ubuntu party. Ubuntu is meant to be a black mindset. Ergo, you get Linux Ubuntu, from Mark Shuttleworth, also a Liberal type of South African now operating in London. I quite like Linux Ubuntu I must say. I just hate the damned name.

Tellinger did try to fight the banks. I think he even went to court against them, or follower of his did. That makes him unique in South Africa and I think that is the greatest thing he’s done.

But otherwise he’s something of a Liberal, who digs into ancient history, but NOT with a racial attitude. He is quite happy being Liberal and only attacking the banks. I don’t think he’s ever exposed or attacked the SA Govt.

He is someone who loves to hog the limelight. But I would not regard him as an actual fighter, especially NOT for whites.

I, personally, would not take him seriously if he says that Trump took back the Fed. I’d like to hear other Americans say so. Until then, I will just take the notion with a pinch of salt.

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