Trump did nothing for the Whites who voted him in, but he grovelled like a dog for Israel


Now that Trump is well and truly gone, it is sad to see his legacy. The best of course will be that he was cheated out of office and he was unable to counter his enemies. This will gain a life of its own and its important for the future. People are generally outraged by a WRONG, a lie, a deception, This can simmer on for years and it’s good.

But I must say, it is a very UNEXPECTED END. I really did NOT expect Trump to end like this. I really did not expect this of Trump. I expected him to be more of a FIGHTER, and he was a flop all the way.

Out of about 59 court cases he won 1. Very sad.

Trump was every bit the loser that he normally denigrates others for. Trump took a serious beating.

But it saddens me to think that he might have gone more hard core in a 2nd term that never was.

But in the 1st term that was, he grovelled like a dog for Israel. Did almost nothing for Whites AND was blind sided by a determined, crooked, ruthless enemy that laid him out cold like a boxer being knocked down in round 2.

A sad ending for Trump, but truly, the grovelling for Israel was unbelievably sad.

What a waste of 4 years.

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