Time to get off the Trump train: Donald ((Judas)) Trump! – The only option for Whites is: REVOLUTION!

[Here’s an article written by a guy who was a foremost Trump supporter and who has eventually dumped Trump. It seems to me as if there is a lot of stuff working against Trump and he’s being sabotaged from within. But I had really hoped he was a man who could drain the swamp. I had hoped he would make heads roll. I do smile, sadly at the 3D and 4D chess concepts that supporters of Trump are discussing. The sad fact is that Trump has not really changed the system. It seems to me, for us whites, as a race, WAR is going to be the only way forward. Revolution is going to be the only thing that will bring about REAL CHANGE FOR OUR RACE! So we must think in those harsh terms. Jan]

Donald J Trump, you would not have found a stronger Trump supporter then me ever since his first announcement speech for his candidacy for president in 2016. So it is with a heavy heart that I write that it is time to leave the Trump train. So what was the last straw that broke the camels back you may be asking, well it was a visit recently by the French president Emmanuel Macron soon to be followed by a visit by the Queen globalist of them all, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It was not just the content of their speeches that was so disturbing but the explicit chummy exchanges they had for one another, it was as though the globalists were sending Trump a gift basket welcoming to their order. I will admit however I was pretty much done with Trump after the latest Syria strikes, especially because he lied about the success of the attack saying not one was shot down when in actuality 71 of the 103 missiles were shot down proved by Syrian army posting four videos of them shooting down missiles, but I just couldn’t bring myself to fully abandon the Trump train. It was because I could still hear that speech he made in Poland back in July 2017 about preserving European culture, but words with no action are absolutely meaningless and his actions other than the tariffs he put on Chinese steel have been right in line with neocon, and globalist, ideology. Everything from pretty much every appointee he has made sense is initial Cabinet especially Nikki Haley, John Bolton (Mr. Iraq definitely has WMDs), and now Mike Pompeo, to his treatment of the Russians, the omnibus signing, his chummy relations with Saudi Arabia, and his failure to fulfill any of his campaign promises especially the wall, all these things and this utter debacle in Syria is why I think the globalists have just made a another puppet president.

To the people that are saying Trump is just playing 4D Machiavellian chess lulling the enemy into a false sense of security, I say my God that is a lot of lulling, at some point you have to to face the facts that this isn’t tactics it’s just waffling. I’m not certain why is doing this it could be anything from blackmail from this Stormy Daniels saga, to he is just foolish and is being tricked by the neocons, and globalists, into doing it, or maybe he just had no intention on really following through on any of these promises he made because he just doesn’t care that much. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter why all that matters is that this is the reality now and we have we have to accommodate for it, you know what they say life is just 20% what happens to you and 80% how you deal with it. Richard Spencer talked about something like this in one of his speeches he said something to the effect of that there is no Calvary coming over the mountain there is no one person who is going to do all the work and solve all the problems it will take the efforts of all of us and it will be long and difficult but that is the only way to overcome the West predicament that it finds itself in right now and I agree with that sentiment exactly.

Source: https://squawker.org/politics/donald-judas-trump/

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