Thoughts on Major General Stubblebine of the USA – 911, Vaccines, etc


One of my supporters wrote this about Stubblebine:

Not sure if true or not but I read some time ago that the major was involved in military paranormal investigations. Maybe to discredit him.

I replied:
BTW, he wasn’t a Major, he was a Major General, which is an extremely high rank. He’s right near the top whereas a Major is a mid-ranking officer.

I don’t think he was involved in the paranormal. Or maybe he was a bit. What I think you’re referring to is his idea that if he could get his soldiers to be able to walk through walls.

He is also the highest ranking US Military guy to talk about 911 and to openly question it. He says the Pentagon was hit by a missile.

My own feelings about Stubblebine, based on my bit of research is that he was very highly regarded by his fellows. And you must keep in mind that they must have known classified things about him that we do not know.

I am guessing, that it is possible that he even spoke out about 911, in order to tell the American public something he thought they needed to know.

Whatever weirdness he has, I think he comes through with enough hard facts, and utterly unique insights that are valuable to people. He is not someone I would just dismiss easily. I really liked the way he spoke about the dangers of vaccines.

For me, Stubblebine and the military types represent what Napoleon said: “The real nobility of our country is the army”. I think that is true until the Jews corrupt them as they do with some generals and turn them into millionaires … and then their minds move to their bank accounts. But until then, most of them are probably genuinely seriously patriotic and they do care about the USA. And i am convinced that most military officers across the Western world have (a) A genuine patriotism to their nation (b) A lesser, but genuine concern for Western Civilisation.

But they are locked into a system and most don’t realise that there is another enemy, the enemy within, the Poisonous Mushroom, the Jew!

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