There was a 2nd Hitler: His name: Dr Hendrik Verwoerd – was a true NAZI


A quick note to everyone:

My Boer NAZI Pal and I have amassed enough evidence that we can easily prove that Dr Hendrik Verwoerd WAS A NAZI. So we DID have a 2nd HITLER in South Africa – he DID RULE and he ruled well – UNTIL THE JEWS KILLED HIM. I can now tell the full story.

Dr Verwoerd is therefore the only other NAZI who ruled a country after Germany was ruled by Hitler.

Verwoerd was a real NAZI. He hated Jews. He wrote about them. He and other professors even openly agitated against them.

The Jews eventually, working with the ANC military wing, planned his murder.

I will tell the full story.

But, I just wanted everyone to know that a real NAZI actually ruled a country AFTER Adolf Hitler. And he ruled APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA … a WHITE RACIST STATE. And he ruled extremely well.

He was a very highly educated, very eloquent RACIST NAZI. The Jews tried to kill him TWICE they hated him so much.


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