The White Right is about LOVE not HATE: About HATE, NAZIS, etc … all the Jewish and Liberal Traitor attacks on Whites

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Video & Audio: TOP SECRET: WW2s Biggest Tank Battle they never talk about
This was one of my 3 viral videos on Youtube before they quickly killed it. The original video was made in 2016. Look in every history reference book for the biggest Tank Battle that was ever fought and youll find they talk about the Battle of Kursk (or the Kursk Campaign). Heres the greatest tank battle in all of history and the fantastic Wehrmacht won it with ease, even when they faced tanks so new and so advanced that they had never seen these types of tanks before and even when their shells just bounced off the Soviet armour!

I see the Jews and the filthy Liberal TRAITORS who are anti-White garbage, like Biden, talking their crap. They’re all going to town now since Payton went and popped some Blacks in Buffalo. Now Biden is talking nonsense and warning White Americans to not to fall for "White Supremacy".

That’s just garbage.

These people are TRAITORS. In the case of Biden you’re listening to an anti-American, communist. He’s a TRAITOR to America and he’s a TRAITOR to Whites. Now you want to listen to him? Don’t do that.

The term "Hate" is Jewish propaganda. They define things in ways that work for them. They are the ones who are really filled with HATRED and they want to now claim we are driven by hatred. That’s pure nonsense. We are driven by LOVE OF OUR OWN PEOPLE. That’s what is driving us. A love of our own people; a love of our ancestors, a love of the wonderful things that our race created. We are driven by the desire to protect the wonderful creations of our race. We are driven by LOVE not HATE. NAZIS love their own people.

And NAZI = White = Aryan. This is our natural state. This is what we are.

If you deny things like the Swastika and NAZISM then it’s because you’re a MORON. It’s as simple as that.

I noticed they define us as White Supremacists, when in fact most of us, including myself, are White SEPARATISTS. There’s a big difference. A White Supremacist is one who wants to rule others.

What of Jewish Supremacism? Jews are the most fervent of ALL supremacists. Nobody has engaged or desired more supremacism than Jews.

White Separatists want a Whites’ only state. They want to live among their own people and they do not want to rule other races.

So be aware that Jews are spewing forth 1001 pieces of propaganda and it’s almost exclusively pure GARBAGE. They are just engaging in word games and PURE PROPAGANDA.

Don’t listen to the Jews or the Liberals. Put up a Swastika, do a NAZI/Roman Salute, be a proud White Separatist and don’t let the fiends and the garbage get you down.

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