21 Pics The White Race & Nude art, Christianity’s nude art and Nietzsche’s influence on NAZI Nude Art


We White people are not a race of sissies. We are a people who in the past had no problem FACING REALITY. Our ability to face reality has been one of our greatest strengths. I would argue that its our GREATEST STRENGTH. For our ability to handle REALITY and the cruel world of Mother Nature has led to our incredible Science, Engineering, exploration and warrior traditions.

Keep in mind, when you watch this, that the NAZIs were the most family friendly Govt that existed in HISTORY! White men and women got married and had stacks of children. The Govt HELPED YOU to have MANY CHILDREN!

Here we are in 2018 waiting as a race to DIE! White Genocide! But the NAZIs and Pagans represented LIFE not DEATH! Nietzsche himself called Christianity “the preachers of DEATH”. And indeed we are now dying. Maybe if we woke up and became alive as white men and women, we would LIVE!

Last week I was very angry when I was on a show and some Christians wanted to portray Hitler and the NAZIs as a total rise of Christianity ONLY. That’s nonsense. That’s pure rubbish. To characterize the NAZIs as “pure Christians” is utter nonsense. During the time of Hitler’s rule well over 400 Christian churches were built in Germany. But to try to re-brand the NAZIs AS ONLY CHRISTIANS – Is categorically wrong.

My Boer NAZI pal told me that the influence of Nietzsche the German philosopher (creator of “the Superman” – the Ubermensch) can be clearly seen in Germany with the display of nude art. He said that this is proof Nietzsche’s influence.

To portray Hitler as a Christian and only a Christian and the rise of the NAZIs as a Christian phenomenon is TOTALLY INCORRECT.

Most Germans back then WERE CHRISTIANS. Hitler had no choice but to appeal to the German Christians and to work with them the same way that George Lincoln Rockwell in the USA tried (and failed) to work with the White Christians in the USA who were TOO WEAK to work with him!

Christianity=Softness. Nietzsche=Hardness. Once you understand the Superman/Ubermensch of Nietszche then you’ll see that the Superman has to be HARD. Hitler even gave a speech wherein he said that the German boys must be “as hard as Krupp steel”. The SS was the actual structure which was aimed at creating the Supermen and Superwomen.

NAZISM was a return to Pagan and ancient values too, just as the Italians in Italy were doing the same by reviving the Roman salute. The NAZI salute is the Roman salute as learned from the Fascists. NAZI Germany was filled with Roman Empire symbols.

Paganism was based on warrior values – the ancient values of the white race. The Romans were probably the epitome of the warrior values.

Christianity is a religion that tends towards softness, weakness. e.g. Love your enemies, turn the other cheek, etc. Probably the worst advice given in all of history is “Love your enemies”. Truly the worst thing that any white person has ever believed!

The discussion of religion thus brings in the issue of Slave Morality versus Master Morality, which Nietzsche played a key role in discussing.
Thus Paganism and Nietzsche’s superman are taking whites back to the past where our WARRIOR values were the most important. Christianity is the morality of a subservient slave. These are 2 opposite directions. But Hitler had to work with these German Christians. He thus said he believed in God. Christians like to misrepresent his belief in God as being a belief in Christianity. Yes he had gone to church when he was young. He had even sung in the Church choir. He said many things favourable to the Christians. You can believe in God without needing to be a Christian. Degrelle’s description of Hitler clearly indicates that Hitler’s belief in God had nothing to do with the Bible but with reality and pure logic.

So on that show where the Christians tried to misrepresent Hitler, they said that NAZISM had destroyed pornography. I told them there was nude art in NAZI Germany and that nude women and nude men are part of the history of art of the white race. This goes back to the times of ancient Greece and Rome.

In fact, Carolyn Emerick who publishes the Europa Sun often displays European nude art from recent centuries which clearly was art done in the time of Christianity. There is even some nude Christian art.

Christianity is anti-natural, whereas our race ALWAYS was a race that was NATURAL.

So let’s take a look at some nude art from Europe and the ages in which it was. Then we can stop these childish Christians who cannot accept reality and who cry and weep about the human body, our own natural bodies.

Let’s begin with nude Christian art. Sculpture ‘Night’, one of Michelangelo’s only two sculptures of a female nude is in the Medici Chapel.

Nudity and controversy in the Sistine Chapel: the revolutionary ideas of Michelangelo below.

Here is Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting done in 1510, called Leda and the Swan. This happened in the time of Christian Europe.

Here is Michelangelo’s famous David.

Now let’s look at NAZI nude art work:

Below: German NAZI Era Art, Nude Woman, Hermann Zettlitzer, Nationalgalerie, Berlin

German NAZI Era Art, Nude Woman, Josef Thorak, Aphrodite Baldham.

Here is Hitler and Mussolini looking at art, and the front of this woman is surely unclothed:

PKT3219 – 226332
Hitler and Mussolini at the art gallery ‘Gelleria Borghese’, Rome – with different reactions to a beautiful young semi-nude figure. Mussolini shocked, Hitler suprised

Here is Hitler, Goebbels and high ranking NAZIs. The photos and scholarship surrounding Hitler’s touring the 1938 Nazi Art Exhibition.

Here is NAZI nude artwork and in the front are some well dressed, classy white women.

But they didn’t just have nudes paintings and statues they even had women in the nude. There was the night time: ‘Night of the Amazons’. And you will see beautiful nude white women here.

Unter der Schirmherrschaft von Gauleiter Adolf Wagner veranstaltet die Reichsorganisation ‘Das Braune Band von Deutschland’ unter der Leitung von Staatsrat Christian Weber in der Nacht zum 31. Juli 1938 im Nymphenburger Park in München ein großes Fest unter dem Titel ‘Nacht der Amazonen’. In 14 bewegten Schaubildern wurden dabei Szenen aus Churbayern, der griechischen und der römischen Mythologie dargestellt. | Under the patronage of Gauleiter Adolf Wagner, the Reich organization ‘The Brown Band of Germany’ under the leadership of city councilman Christian Weber, organized a grand festival called ‘Night of the Amazons’ in Nymphenburger Park in Munich on July 31, 1938. Scenes from Old Bavaria, Greek and Roman mythology were presented in 14 tableau vivants., 31.07.1938-10.02.2003

Unter der Schirmherrschaft von Gauleiter Adolf Wagner veranstaltet die Reichsorganisation ‘Das Braune Band von Deutschland’ unter der Leitung von Staatsrat Christian Weber in der Nacht zum 31. Juli 1938 im Nymphenburger Park in München ein großes Fest unter dem Titel ‘Nacht der Amazonen’ mit großen Schaubildern wie hier die Szene ‘Nymphenburger Porzellan’. | Under the auspices of Gauleiter Adolf Wagner the Reich organization ‘The Brown Ribbon of Germany’ conducted by State Council Christian Weber hosted on the night of 31 July 1938 at the Nymphenburg Park in Munich a great festival, entitled ‘Night of the Amazons’ with large graphs as the one here, the scene ‘Nymphenburg porcelain’., 31.07.1938

The remaining images are of NAZI art showing nude men and women. My message to Christians is: Grow up and learn to live in the REAL WORLD!

Robert Schwarz Badende Maedchen, Kunst dem Volk September 1943