The White Race is FINISHED – My Analysis: Civilisation’s evolution: Threat & Response


[Arch, the inventor of HOPIUM, wrote this about Whites. It's good but see my comments below it. Jan]

Arch wrote:

The white race is finished. For decades, white birth rates have been below replacement level in every white, western country on the planet. Whites are allowing, nay supporting, Jewish efforts to genocide their race. Worst of all is that whites are divided on every issue, race, sex, religion, age, liberal, conservative, republican, democrat . . . countless ideas or beliefs. You name it and one finds profound division among whites on the subject. As Lincoln said, “a house divided cannot stand.” Well a race divided cannot survive in this highly competitive world for global resources.

The Jews secret to success can be traced directly to their religion. They are perhaps the most fervently religious people on the planet. No matter their beliefs or personal differences they always put their religion first and above all else. While frequently divided on beliefs about Judaism such as reform and orthodoxy, while one can find “messianic” Jews believing in Jesus as their savior, versus Talmudic Jews with their YHVH, the Jewish religion transcends all differences, for Jews observe their religion without fail as theirs’ is a religion of people, a religion of blood, a religion of race. Jewish racial heritage is the true religion of the Jew. This is the religion that keeps Jews unified in pursuit of their goals. No matter other differences, no matter the diversity of beliefs, no matter republican, democrat, anti-gun, pro-gun, liberal, conservative, messianic Jew or Talmudic Jew. First, foremost and always, they are Jews. For Jews, their Jewishness transcends all other issues.

Today this Jewishness is so pervasive throughout white culture, large swaths of the white population have come to identify with their Jewish parasites. I have had starry-eyed Christians look at me and chirp exuberantly “I’m a Jew too!” This identification is what allows Jews to justify their wars promoting Israel hegemony in the Near East. This identification is what allows Jews to rule over white countries. This identification is what profoundly divides the white race into fractured elements with no racial identity of their own. How can whites win when they identify so strongly with their captors? What hope is there for a race of Patty Hearsts beset with Stockholm syndrome? None. A war can never be won by identifying with one’s enemy to the point of providing them information and support.

The white race is finished.

Jan’s comments:

There is a lot more to this than meets the eye. I will later explain to you Professor Quigley and the course he gave and his access to the Elite of the USA. In a nutshell the elite believe that by mixing races they’re creating a new CIVILISATION.

However, I have read Quigley’s writings in detail and there are huge errors in this line of thinking and I think it will backfire on them.

I want to do several videos about this, but much later. I have more critical stuff to do before then.

What I will say now is this: Quigley pointed out, as have others, that civilisation has a Threat, Response kind of motion. In other words, when a people are under a threat, they evolve, over time a response. Quigley’s own example was the Mongol invasion of Europe (Threat). The response was: Feudalism! Feudalism allowed an organisation of Whites whereby Whites could create the military force necessary to fight back.

So what we are now busy with is a THREAT (bringing in or supporting of), masses of Non-Whites. The elite believe this is beneficial (shades of White Colonialism in Africa in reverse). However, what we Whites NEED are enemies and threats. I think, personally, that if we can keep spreading the message, that the White Right can easily evolve into the RESPONSE – a new form of organisation that allows us to fight the Threat.

My view is that the more DESPONDENT and worried Whites are, the more likely they will realise the THREAT and thus begins the healing process of people reorganising into the RESPONSE.

This is how Western civilisation has evolved over time.

I also believe the NEW CIVILISATION that the Elite believe they are evolving is FLAWED and will be CRUSHED by a united White (e.g. Euro-centric) civilisation.

Don’t quit, don’t give up. We need desperation in order to motivate people to do things. This is how we’ve saved ourselves before and we will do it again. In fact we are very busy with it RIGHT NOW all across the Internet AS WE CHANGE OURSELVES!!!

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