The White Man’s Bible: Ben Klassen … if the White Race stood together…


Never forget the awesome man Ben Klassen, inventor of the White Religion of Creativity and author of The White Man’s Bible. Matt Hale, now a political prisoner, was the greatester preacher/reverend that came out of that movement. He was so successful that the Jews had to do everything under the sun in order to get him into jail and to keep him there because he was too effective.

Like Hitler and especially Ben Klassen, were right about White Supremacism. As Ben Klassen said, decades ago, if the White people united, we would be 10x stronger than ALL THE OTHERS PUT TOGETHER. Ben might have been understating it. If you understand WAR & military stuff, you’ll see we might even be 20x stronger than everyone else put together. (China is nothing). Don’t worry about a billion or 2 billion dysfunctional Blacks who can’t even feed themselves. We can defeat EVERYONE!

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