The War on Whites, NEVER STOPS: 7 Farm attacks in South Africa,1-15 January 2021 – My Comments

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[So we agreed to peace with the blacks in 1994 and we stopped fighting … but they apparently did not see things the same way! So the killing on the farms never stops. We will have no choice in the future but to defend ourselves. Jan]

In the first fifteen days of January 2021 there were seven farm attacks in South Africa, one other attack was successfully averted. During December 2020, there were thirty three farm attacks and ten farm murders in the country. Whites across the country are being targeted and its not only on farms. People, especially the elderly, are being brutally murdered in their homes across South Africa.

During November 2020 there were also thirty three farm attacks and ten farm murders whilst three farm attacks were successfully averted.

During October 2020 there were 42 farm attacks and 7 farm murders in South Africa, whilst 5 farm attacks were successfully averted.

Read about more farm attacks here

Information supplied by The Rome Research Institute of South Africa

South Africa Today – South Africa News


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