The Vietnam War is an important American/White war not to forget – The Casualties


This war must not be overlooked. Like all wars fought by Whites it must be studied. The US Military made many changes as a result of Vietnam. And never forget that JEWS IN AMERICA were UNDERMINING the war effort … a typical Jewish BACKSTAB of Whites who are busy at war. This is the classic Jewish backstab of White America similar to what the Germans experienced in WW1. Same thing.

Of interest to me are the casualties because this was an intensive war and America lost a LOT of advanced equipment and many men. I think the USA lost at least 50,000 of it’s own troops.

Deaths in Vietnam War (1965–1974) per Guenter Lewy

US and allied military deaths 282,000
PAVN/VC military deaths 444,000–666,000
Civilian deaths (North and South Vietnam) 405,000–627,000
Total deaths 1,353,000


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