The Trump Rally in DC today …. IMPORTANT: White Americans need their CONFIDENCE BACK!


2 of my supporters notified me at what was in the very late night hours last night that they were already in Washington, waiting for the Trump rally. It must have been at about 2am in the morning or so and they were already waiting.

I am very keen to see the turnout. I think the turnout will be very big. We need to monitor this closely and also try to get an idea of the numbers because the (((MSM))) and (((Liberals))) will be lying about it through their teeth stating how delusional Trump is.

If the rally is huge, then it might just give Trump the energy and support he needs to get out there and get stuck into the Democrats.

There are many reasons why Trump must succeed in exposing this filthy election rigging. It is CRITICAL that White Americans need to get their CONFIDENCE back in THEMSELVES. Don’t be intimidated by Big Techn, (((Liberals))) and their assorted shit and scum.

It is also very critical that White America gets its collective confidence and will back. CRITICAL STUFF. Otherwise everyone’s spirit is broken and the (((Liberals))) and (((Marxists))) will break their spirit and keep them down.

This is also the best way for ALL WHITES ELSEWHERE to start waking up. We need to see whites en masse standing up, and the dynamic we have between WHITE AMERICANS and TRUMP is critically important for obtaining the CONFIDENCE NEEDED TO SWEEP FORWARD against the (((scum))).

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