The Things Whites complain about … and the reality of the world

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I really am a huge fan of Ben Klassen and the Creativity Movement. It was Ben Klassen an almost South African sounding name but actually a German Ukrainian who moved to the USA, who invented the Whites only religion of Creativity and coined the phrase: RAHOWA Racial Holy War, for whites.

I find it quite fascinating to see what Whites complain about in the Western world, especially North America. In many ways it boils down to the lies that Whites have been led to believe about the values of the USA and what the USA stands for, versus the reality of life itself.

True reality is much harsher than what junk Jewish Liberalism claims.

I’m also reading, in bits and pieces, Napoleon’s personal memoirs. And he was proud of Liberalism. So it’s interesting how Liberal values came to the West, and how it’s gone beserk and how Jews have totally abused the hell out of it.

The reality of life and nature is actually quite brutal. When I look at us as a people we are actually conditioned for REALITY. Our true mindset is based on reality. But religion and politics has taken us away from that reality and I think it’s a bad thing.

I think our NATURAL SYSTEM, and NATURAL VALUES and NATURAL PERSONALITY is based on HARSH REALITY and that unless we return to that, we will degenerate. We’ve got to get away from a world that is rigged by human junk ideas.

WE MUST RETURN TO REALITY. That is where we are at our finest.

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